Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe for New Zealand


Now that most things are settled regarding my trip, I can barely contain myself! I can already see myself in New Zealand, taking in this marvellous scenery, hiking, kayaking, and meeting amazing people there.

Since I cannot time travel to October (not for lack of trying), the only thing left to do is focusing on the last details before I travel.

I started planning the travel capsule wardrobe I will be taking with me and if anything, that has gotten me even more fired up! But who cares? At worst, I’ll bother my neighbours on the plane with my enthusiasm! ; )

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Essential wardrobe pieces for New Zealand in October


So my itinerary is planned, my transportation booked, and my accommodation secured. This is actually happening: I am going to New Zealand!

What’s left now is

  • Establishing what I will need for this trip;
  • Purchasing anything that I don’t already have;
  • Packing!

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September Delight

September is here; autumn is right around the corner and I suddenly get the urge to start a blog.

This is a fantastic and precious moment in my life: I have finished my Master degree in January and I have moved into a flat on my own. I have started this great adventure in May this year and I am excited to share it.

The next big adventure will start in October. I will spend two weeks in New Zealand. Ever since I first watched The Lord of the Rings, I promised myself I would visit this magical place. It is happening and I would like to take you with me on my journey: There and Back Again.