Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe for New Zealand


Now that most things are settled regarding my trip, I can barely contain myself! I can already see myself in New Zealand, taking in this marvellous scenery, hiking, kayaking, and meeting amazing people there.

Since I cannot time travel to October (not for lack of trying), the only thing left to do is focusing on the last details before I travel.

I started planning the travel capsule wardrobe I will be taking with me and if anything, that has gotten me even more fired up! But who cares? At worst, I’ll bother my neighbours on the plane with my enthusiasm! ; )

Capsule New Zealand

So we have a dress, a jacket, four trousers, twelve tops and four sweaters. I will need some more tops. I will probably borrow them from friends, to change things up a little bit! I am not too sure about the jacket either. It is only a wind-breaker so it will not keep me warm on its own. I may also borrow one from a friend or perhaps buy a jacket from Hoodlamb, if their new jackets are out by the time I really need one.

The shoes are still missing: I need to replace my hiking shoes and my running shoes before I go. I have been hiking pretty hard these past few weeks, and I have been running a lot. Plus, I took part in my first triathlon this year! So this was bound to happen at some point.

Leaving that aside for now, I just need to make sure that I have enough outfits and versatility to dress for thirteen days. The rule is always the same for me: every piece of clothing must pair with most of the wardrobe so that even if I cannot wear one of the items anymore, I can still wear everything else. Imagine if you have this five tops that only go with one pair of jeans and you cannot wear these jeans anymore for one reason or another, you cannot wear your five tops! Or you will have to wear them in a way you don’t like.

Let’s put this to the test!

Introducing my grey trousers! I would wear them with most of my tops, so they definitely pass the test.


This is my burgundy pair of trousers. The colour is a lot flashier than my other pairs of trousers, so they are more difficult to include in my outfits. You can see below that I have fewer options than with my grey trousers. I could go with a full-burgundy look, but I am not quite ready to do that yet! =)


I do this with all my clothes. If they pass the test, they’re in!

So that is it for most of the clothes I will be taking with me. I certainly will do an update before I go because I can see that things will be moving around.

What about you? How do you pick the clothes you take with you on holiday?

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