Essential wardrobe pieces for New Zealand in October


So my itinerary is planned, my transportation booked, and my accommodation secured. This is actually happening: I am going to New Zealand!

What’s left now is

  • Establishing what I will need for this trip;
  • Purchasing anything that I don’t already have;
  • Packing!

There are a few things to consider to establish what I will need for this trip: the weather, the type of activities I will be engaging in and the duration of my journey are my main criteria.

First things first: I will travel to New Zealand in the Spring. Apparently, anything can happen weather-wise during this period, so better be ready for anything! According to, temperatures vary between 15 C° in Wellington and 18 C° in Auckland. It isn’t bad overall but apparently, “the strongest wind recorded [in New Zealand] was in the month of October (a gust of 215km/h)” in Wellington. So better plan ahead!

I plan to hike in the mountains (Mount Cook is definitely on the list, around Lake Matheson, up Mount Victoria, around Queenstown) explore the cities, do some kayaking (mainly in Lake Wakatipu, from Queenstown) and swimming (again, Lake Wakatipu for sure).

I will be away for thirteen days.

My framework will be:

  • 14 t-shirts – 4 sports t-shirts and 10 regular tops
  •  4 pairs of trousers (versatile pieces: I can go out in them, but I can also hike)
  •  4 sweaters/cardigans,
  • 3 pairs of shoes (lovely flats, sneakers and hiking shoes)
  • 1 dress (possibly)
  • 1 jacket
  • 2 pyjamas

I might add to it as I pack, but I will work from the list above. I already work with a capsule wardrobe, so the process should be reasonably quick.

Is there anything else you would pack? Is there anything you would leave behind? Let me know your thoughts!
Bonus question: Who has already been to New Zealand in October? 🙂

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